Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jack F*ing carter


REVIWE:I met Jenn down in La and I have to say she is just one down to help out out this world great people that you can see your self just becoming best friends with. It all start with Jack f*cking Carter and it ended with the great serious that will go down as one of the best. I gave this book / series 5 stars for a reason. Jenn brings life tho characters as well makes you fall in love with the bad boy over and over gain everything makes there mistakes and I think in the end tht you have believe in what you truly feel, I think everyone has that chance to change. I miss jack and Cassie so much one go the best series of all time by one of the best authors I really have to say that if you haven't read her work it's and must page turner and if you haven't met her will go fine that fine ass! Thank you again that I could sit down and read without anxiety babe! 

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