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Good Sensations

Good Sensations Synopsis:


Evan Ashford is sex personified. He makes me feel things I never have and crave things I’m not sure I should. Time doesn’t exist when we’re together—all of our worries becoming obsolete. Our tongues touch, and as if by memory, they move in harmony, feeling at peace, feeling at home.

Despite his mother’s best efforts to drive us apart and the miles that separate us, I’m ready—ready to claim what’s mine.

In an instant, his lips are pressed firmly against mine, consuming my words as if hearing them isn’t enough. Desire turns to need as he tastes and savors every syllable ever spoken from my heart to his.

Mallory Wray caught my attention and stole my heart. The emerald of her eyes draws me in, and it’s so easy to see why I fell in love with her. I run my hand over her cheek and into her hair, admiring everything I’ve missed so much. That familiar intensity that formed our bond back in Hawaii exists again. It’s comforting, engulfing, making my chest ache in the most painfully acute way. My heart feels grounded in her. This is right, this is us, I can finally breathe again.

Her hand settles on my cheek and a soft smile appears. “My sweet surfer. What a change a month makes.”

“It’s not the month that changed me. It’s the girl.” I turn and kiss her palm. “You make me want more than I feel I deserve.”

“You deserve everything your heart desires.”

“My heart only desires you.”

“Then I’m yours. All yours. Always.”

Life has taken these two young lovers in different directions. Can their love bring them back together? Will they be able to find their paradise once again?




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Good Vibrations

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I grab her exploring finger just as it reaches my happy trail—a trail that if I let her wander down further will lead us to do things we can’t take back. Things like three-word phrases being confessed that would end me if I was rejected. Things like selfishly wanting to own her body and doing things to her that would make my fantasies blush. And things like making her prom...more I grab her exploring finger just as it reaches my happy trail—a trail that if I let her wander down further will lead us to do things we can’t take back. Things like three-word phrases being confessed that would end me if I was rejected. Things like selfishly wanting to own her body and doing things to her that would make my fantasies blush. And things like making her promises too soon that won’t do either of us any good. She makes me want a future that’s not possible, and one I don’t deserve.

Listening to my ego got me into this situation. Will listening to my heart get me out.



Good Intentions:

Two words sum up my summer in paradise—Evan Ashford.

I have a life back home I must return to, though my heart battles this reality. What started as a carefree summer fling has become so much more. Evan has become so much more. He’s become everything. Cupping his face, I stare into his deep blue eyes, wanting to lose myself once more... needing to know he feels this too.

Although our connection won’t stop the summer’s end from rushing toward us or silence the demons Evan battles, I have faith our love can overcome the obstacles that will undoubtedly arise from us choosing to be together. I still worry… Will our good intentions be good enough? But I’m all in, willing to take the risk, knowing he can destroy my heart if I’m wrong.

Like a riptide, I was forever changed by one woman—Mallory Wray.

Our eyes meet and we spend a moment looking into the others’, reading the fear and the love that mingles within. I move slowly down and kiss her forehead, her nose, her eyelids, her cheeks, and her chin before I kiss her lips again—soft and gentle, not rushed, but sensual. She smiles and I die inside knowing that I won’t get to see her face every day. I’ve been spoiled by this sweet angel giving me all her days and nights. I possessively take hold of her wrists and like so many times before, the air stills as our connection intensifies. I can’t help myself when it comes to her.

I kiss her.

Rain pours down harder and I wrap my arms around her, engulfing her body, her love, her soul.






S.L. Scott has a degree in Journalism and is the author of the novel, Naturally, Charlie, and several novellas, including Sleeping with Mr. Sexy and Morning Glory--all currently available on Amazon. Pursuing her passion for telling stories, she spends her days escaping into her characters, letting them lead her on their adventures. She is a Contributor to Huffington Post as well as writes for her own blog along with several other popular sites.

Travelling, music festivals, and surfing are a few of her hobbies she loves, but she doesn't get to enjoy on a regular basis. She has an obsession with movies, a varied taste in books, and collects Fitz & Floyd teapots. With a memory full of useless trivia facts, and a Keurig addiction, she loves a fun night in with her family as much as a loud night out with her friends.

Scott lives in the lively city of Austin with her husband, two young sons, and two Papillons, enjoying life in the beautiful hill country of Texas.

She welcomes your notes at sl@slscottauthor.com.








Evan saunters to me, and says, “About that undying devotion, Miss Wray.”

“And here I thought you’d only be focused on the naughty you threw into the bet at the end there.”

“You caught that, huh?”

I lean forward as if I’m going to tell him a secret, but don’t bother whispering. “Hate to break it to you, but I had you all figured out at the airport and I still slept with you. I kind of expect some naughty when it comes to you, Mr. Ashford.”

Grabbing me around the neck in a pretend headlock, he laughs. “This is why we make such a great team. We understand the dynamics of our relationship and have our priorities straight.”

“Always the charmer when it comes to sex,” I add, rolling my eyes, and patting my hair back into place.

“Worked on you.” He smiles, taking my hand and kissing it. “Luckily for me.”





She stops, and with a telling grin says, “You know, despite what you may think, I’m actually not an easy lay.”

I can’t stop the laugh. Trust me, I try. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone how fast you jumped my bones.”

“Jumped your bones? I did not jump your bones. You have clearly forgotten how the events of our first date went down.”

“Well,” I say, rubbing my chin. “It wasn’t really a date from what I recall and you still ended up in my bed… under me one time…” I close my eyes remembering how fucking sexy she was that day. “… on top of me another. Oh, and I can’t forget how hot your ass looked from behind. I clearly remember three different times.”

“I thought it was two.”

“I didn’t include the pool action, so definitely three… at least, and I wore you out, Miss I’m-Not-An-Easy-La—Ouch!” I rub my arm where she knuckles me, then laugh. “You’re feisty, Miss Wray.”

“It’s one of the reasons you fell in love with me.”

“It’s one of the many reasons I fell in love with you. Your easy ways were another.”

She jerks me to a stop in the middle of the lobby. “Oh my God, Evan, you make me sound like a whore.”

Wrapping my arms around her neck, I pull her close, and whisper, “Do you regret being with me that first day?”

“No, none of it.”

“You’re not a whore.” I kiss her on the nose. “You’re not easy. We both knew there was something more between us, something different. We did what we wanted and what felt right, and it doesn’t matter now anyway. Here we are thousands of miles away from where we started—”

“Starting a new life.”

“Our new beginning starts today.”

With a heavy sigh, she says, “Oh no.” Her smile falls away. “I let you have sex with me right when we first met. I am a total whore.”

“Only for me, baby.”

She rolls her eyes. “You’ve turned me into a very bad girl, Mr. Ashford.”

“I like bad girls. Now c’mon and let’s do all this romantic stuff so I can take you home and fuck you properly.”

Laughing, she rolls her eyes again. “You’re terrible.”

“You love it.”

“I love you, so yeah, I guess I do love it.”









My dad straightens his back and clears his throat. “I may not have seen the bill, but I can guess how much it was and I’m just wondering why he has access to that kind of money. He’s not a drug dealer, is he?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You know me better than that. You know I wouldn’t date a drug dealer.” I take my napkin, unfolding it slowly as if this is the most interesting thing in the world and doing my best not to get caught up in an Evan’s financial means conversation, so I try to put it to rest. “I’ve told you, his family has a lot of money.”

“The boy is in his twenties and still living off his parents—”

“Clay,” my mom says, touching his arm. “I’ve told you he’s working with his family this semester and transferring in Boulder next semester, so stop giving Mallory a hard time. She’s with a nice guy who, from watching him last night, clearly is in love with her.”

My dad furrows his brow. “I thought he seemed a bit obsessive hanging on her every word—”

Focused intensity. He’s always like that with me. I smile… like a stupidly, giddy smile.

“Look, she’s in love too. Let’s just be happy for her,” my mom says, smiling at my dad. She leans closer and kisses him on the cheek.

But when my dad is concerned about something, he fixates. “I hope you’re using protection. Don’t go messing up your life now.”

“Oh my God, Dad. I’m, uh, so… just never going to talk about that with you,” I stammer, throwing my hands up into the air.

“She’s twenty-two, Clay, and as much as we’re worried about her welfare, it’s really none of our business.”

“You had her two years younger than she is now, Elise. I’m sure you don’t want her giving up her dreams—”

“Dad! I’m being careful. Can we just please end this embarrassing conversation says the-mistake-my-parents-made-at-twenty?”

“You were the best mistake we ever made, honey.” My mom, the eternal optimist.

“What you’re really saying is that I can be friends with certain guys because they don’t want to sleep with me, but not all guys because they do want to sleep with me. This is kind of ridiculous, you know.”

“I never said they wanted to sleep.” He pulls me closer and holds me. “Come here.” He kisses me again—hard this time with no reluctance and all the passion we had in Hawaii is back, making me whole.



Our lips part and I watch him as his eyes slowly open, and he says, “I don’t want to fight with you, but this…” He rubs his hands over my hips. “…Is all mine. This…” Continuing, his fingers slide across my mouth. “…Is mine. And this…” He strokes between my legs, firing every nerve into a frenzy of sexual hypertension. “…Will never be touched by anyone other than me again. I told you, I’m not good at losing or sharing. You remember that when I’m back in New York.”





If my dad wasn’t receiving an award from the mayor himself, I’d blow off this event. But I’m expected to be there with the family to represent the company, so I shower and shave, then return to my closet to put on the tuxedo that was delivered to my apartment yesterday— a perfectly tailored white jacket… I sigh, rolling my eyes. “So fucking pretentious.”

My hair is dried, my teeth brushed, and I leave. Mallory was losing the battle with a nap when we disconnected earlier, but we both left the video chat on a high. The car is waiting for me when I walk out the building. The door is held open by the chauffeur and I slide across the cold leather as the driver resumes his position up front. I don’t tell him where to go because all that information has been provided already.

I’m not in the car but for a few minutes when my phone rings. I answer quickly when I see it’s Mallory calling. “I thought I wore you out?” I say, leaning back and getting comfortable, happy to hear from her again.

“I should have told you sooner, but your mothe…” she starts to say, but hesitates. “Evan?”

“Yes?” The world settles into a disheartening silence, but I can’t fill it. My heart begins to race waiting for her to continue.

“If you meet someone… someone that interests you, you should—”

No. No. “No. No! Why are you talking about meeting other people? Why are you saying this?” She’s giving me an out and I won’t let her. “No! Mallory, it’s you and me. Us. This is us. Remember? Please don’t say it.”

Her voice is quiet, hard to hear over the noisy Manhattan traffic. “You need to know that I love you enough to let you go if you meet a more suitable partner.”

“A more suitable partner? What the fuck? No! That’s like saying I don’t love you as much because I don’t want you to be with anyone else. I’m your suitable partner. You’re mine. So what you’re saying is bullshit because I love you more than I knew it was even possible to love someone. What brought this on? I just left. We were fine.” I know she can hear the panic in my voice.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t say anything, but as time passes, I keep wondering if she’s right.”

“Who?” I sit straight up, listening to my world begin to crumble. “And right about what?”

“Your mother. She only pointed out the obvious, Evan. You have so much to gain and achieve on top of the foundation your parents laid out for you and Kate. You deserve more than I can give—”


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