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How Far Would You Go For Love!

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How far would you go?
When Sarah moved away from her hometown to go to college she thought she was doing it to be with her boyfriend Huck. But when she discovers he's a cheater out to get whatever he wants, she finds herself alone in a new city. Armed with only a few people she can trust, Sarah sets out to carve her place in the world.
Jeremy's life came to a stand still two years ago, but now he's trying to make something of himself. He heads off to college to put his past behind him and start something new. When he meets Sarah he knows he's in for a roller coaster ride. He hasn't felt this way about someone in a long time--he never felt like he'd feel this way, again.
As Sarah and Jeremy get to know each other, she realizes there's something special about him. Something she has never felt before. But there's something he's holding back from her, something he's keeping hidden. Can Sarah find a way to trust someone again, or will Jeremy's past reveal itself? And will she be able to handle it if it does?
Finding You is book 3 of The By You Series but can be read as a standalone novel.
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Finding You  
"Jeremy," Sarah stammered, brushing a handful of her blonde hair out of her face. "You startled me."

She could kick herself. Of course she had to be in such a hurry to get home that she didn't even realize someone was trying to talk to her. Her day didn't look like it was going to be getting better any time soon.

"I was starting to think you were ignoring me," he said, grinning.

His crystal blue eyes locked onto hers in a way that made her forget what she was thinking. He had a backpack slung over one shoulder, and the muscles in his forearm twitched as he shifted its weight around.

"Sorry, I guess I wasn't paying attention. It's been a rough morning so far."

His mouth curled in a half-smile, though she couldn't figure out for the life of her what he was always smiling about.

"That's not what I was talking about," he said, with a quick shake of his head. "It's been weeks and you never called. I was starting to think you got abducted or something."

Sarah let out a small laugh while her stomach twisted into nervous knots.

"Oh, God no. No abductions for me, thank you." She shook her head. "I was going to--it's just that everything's been so crazy, lately. Classes are keeping me busier than I thought they would."

It was a lie, but she hoped that he couldn't tell. She hadn't lost his number or anything, she'd just been focusing on herself for the past few weeks. After everything that had happened, she wasn't very interested in making friends with the opposite sex anytime soon.

Jeremy clutched a hand to his chest and winced.

"I thought we had a good thing going," he said, his face twisted in mock pain.

Sarah let out another laugh. "Stop it, you know it's not like that."

The smile returned to Jeremy's face and she couldn't help but notice how his eyes looked her up and down. But the smile didn't last long before fading away.

"Don't worry, there's no hard feelings. I know you have a boyfriend and all, I was just hoping you were still interested in being friends."

Anger flared up in her at the mention of her boyfriend, but she reeled it in, quickly. She should just tell Jeremy the truth--that she and Huck were done--but she didn't want him getting the wrong idea. He'd already made it clear that he was interested in her, and he might think that he had a shot now that she was single.

But he was right. They had only seen each other a few times since they'd met, but they'd had fun. He was easy to talk to, and he had a way of listening to her like he actually cared about what she had to say. Maybe making a new friend wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen?

"It's not like that--I promise."

Jeremy studied her, his eyes narrowing with consideration. His cheek twitched as his lips pinched together, and he nodded as though he'd come to some conclusion.

"Fine, you're forgiven for blowing me off." The playful grin returned to his face and he took a step closer to her, leaning down to whisper something. "But, you're going to have to make it up to me."

Sarah's eyes widened as unwanted thoughts and images flashed in her head. Jeremy leaned away again and she hoped he didn't see the burning in her cheeks.

"Make it up to you?" she said.

"That's right. But don't worry, I'm a pretty fair guy, even when my ego has been trampled..."

"I didn't trample anything--"

He held up a hand, cutting her off. "Coffee, at three." He gave her another grin, and even winked, before adding, "Just as friends, of course. Don't be late--my ego can't handle being trampled twice by the same girl."

Without warning, he turned and started walking away from her. Sarah stared after him for a second, speechless.

"Hey, wait," she yelled. "Where are we meeting?"

Jeremy turned but kept walking backwards. He tilted his chin toward her. "You have my phone number still, right? Text me and I'll let you know."

He flashed her one more grin before turning away and picking up his pace. Sarah watched him until he disappeared between a couple buildings, flustered and confused by everything that had just happened.

Did she really just agree to go on a coffee date with him? She muttered and cursed at herself while she walked back to her dorm. She wasn't sure if she was more upset at herself for agreeing to meet up with him or because she didn't tell him that she was single. Either way, the day didn't look like it was going to be getting better any time soon.

Like for many, life for Kelly didn't really begin until her 30th birthday. That was when she decided she was done with the corporate ladder and was going to start publishing some of her stories to see if people liked them. Fast forward a couple of years, and she's still amazed that she's able to spend her time doing something she's loved doing since she was a little kid.
Most of her free time is spent working in front of the computer at various coffee shops around Houston. But when she's not working on her next book, she's probably sitting in front of the TV with her eyes glued to whatever Netflix show she happens to be obsessed with at the time. Do we really have to wait this long for the next season of Orange Is The New Black?!
Follow her on Twitter, @harper_books, or head over to her Facebook page ( and leave her a message. Her website is currently going through some construction, and will be up and running sometime in February.
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When you look at this book you think just another love story that has its bad boy, good girl, and the one you all fall in with! Well news flash you'll be shocked to know that its not just another story. We have all been in that relationship were we know that its going to last forever. We have all at one point in life asked our self if this is the right choice, the right way and are we taking the easy way out or the way your meant to go. When you are in love you really are blind, you shut down all the world is telling you and the signs that are right there in front of you, When Sarah has the moment that every girl wants she has to make the choice to fight for it or give up. As easy is it to give up sometimes things are worth the battle and the fight and that's just what keeps you wanting more. Every page is just another reason to keep turning. Well worth the read and a 5* star without question. There is nothing when a book makes you look at your own life and the choice you made to get were you are today!    

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DiRtY bOoKs DiRtY bOyS bLoG: WINNER WINNER WINNER- SIGNED COPY!: The Heart Beat Series! With the Third Heart Beat book launching, before the cover reveal we would like to give away one signed cop...


The Heart Beat Series!

With the Third Heart Beat book launching, before the cover reveal we would like to give away one signed copy!

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The winner will be picked Wednesday 2/19/2014 at midnight!

Who wants the own hot Private Show?

Tess has just discovered sex. And now, she’s about to discover sex as a weapon.
The Seattle barista and art student is happy with her beautiful Brit boyfriend, Ben — especially in the bedroom. But while Ben’s her first, she’s hardly his. And Ben’s sexual history seems to be popping up in Tess’s face like something out of a zombie movie, and it has her questioning his commitment — and questioning whether his appealing alpha maleness is just a cover for a controlling personality.
Maybe one that’s meant to keep her from asking too many questions.
Is Ben the problem, or is everybody from his past the problem?
Tess is asking the questions, and pushing hard for answers.
Is Nicole, the ex-fiancĂ© who cheated on Ben, trying to worm her way back into his life? Was there something between Ben and Tess’s best friend, Erin? Or what’s going on with Ben’s adored teenage sister, Caroline, and Ben’s best friend Dan? And how did Ben get Tess a job interview with Mr. Andrews, his sophisticated but slimy boss at the music magazine?
As Tess comes to learn, relationships — especially sexual ones — are as much about power as love. With each new discovery, she finds herself in a struggle to hold her head together as much as her heart.
And to find where her own power lies.
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add-to-goodreads-button31 Excerpt  
I smack him. Hard.
He stumbles back in pure shock and I was able to turn his head with my swing. I once again have an audience in a Starbucks. Damn … I better stop this, before I can no longer show my face in another one… He looks back at me and he looks pissed. Oh, shit. He closes his eyes stretches his neck and I can see him push his tongue to the left side of his cheek, making it look like he has a ball in his mouth.
He takes in a deep breath, points at me and says, “You’d better keep quiet, unless you want to hear all about what Ben’s been up to.”
Whew. I thought for a second there he was going to hit me back. Wait, what does he mean about what Ben’s been up to? I take a look around the shop and people quickly turn away. I am so pissed off and my wrist is killing me. I grab my jacket and bag and head out the door myself.

MeetTheAuthor Danielle Pic
Hi! I am Danielle live in Western New York with my husband and two sons. I never knew I had a dream to become a writer until I started becoming obsessed with reading in the last two years. The obsession began with Twilight and then matured to Fifty Shades. While used to reading mainstream best sellers, found a new love for indie authors. I love to do paintings related to the books I read and eventually turning into Pushy Girl Paintings and now do work for other indie writers and readers. My first book idea started from a dream I had one night and became obsessed with the story and started writing. Now having arguments with the people in my head and loving every moment of it, even when they take control of the story.
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Private Message (Private #1)
Private Message Cover
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Entice- S.E Hall

Book Three in the Amazon Best Selling Evolve Series by S.E.Hall, Entice can be read following Emerge, Embrace and Entangled (novella) or as a stand-alone.
Sawyer Beckett does everything full throttle— he’s fiercely loyal to his friends, always the life of the party and impossible for the parade of women in and out of his bedroom to forget.
Surrounded by true love and happily ever afters, Sawyer's not sure if he's enhancing the what-ifs in his head, or if the goddess on stage that night really is worth the search and nagging in his chest.
At the most inopportune moment possible, Emmett Young comes "skipping" back into his life...and for the first time, Sawyer is the one left wanting more. But Emmett can't give her heart; it's already committed—for life.
The only one strong enough to bring the elusive playboy to his knees is the one he can't have. Luckily, Sawyer Beckett doesn't give up easily.
Mature subject matter and strong sexual content- mature audiences only recommended.
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Entice Teaser Not Her Daddy
Sighing, I wrap a towel around my waist and open the door, ready to try and be at least a level of cordial I know is only right. “Listen, can I-“ “She’s gone.” I look up, startled by Laney’s voice and shocked to see her sitting on my bed. Thank God I put on a towel. “Where’d she go?” “Home I guess,” she shrugs, “I didn’t ask. I heard the front door slam and got up to see what the hell. Since you’re here and she’s not, I’m assuming it was her.” How did I not hear the door slam? Not that I would have chased her. “Alright, she left. But what’re you doing in here?” She stands, grabbing some shorts off my floor and throwing them at me. “Go put those on and we’ll talk. Since I’m up,” she shoots me an evil glare. I head back in the bathroom to change, and stay in there, locking the door. I am over six feet tall and lift almost every day, and yes, I’m scared to face Laney. Not only is she a hellcat when she wants to be, but I don’t want to see the disgust or disappointment in her eyes. She’s one of my best friends, even more so after becoming roommates, and her opinion means a lot to me. “Get out here,” she yells when she finally realizes I must be stalling. “Take it like a man.” Well, I might as well go out or she’ll undoubtedly come in here, kicking in the door or taking if off the hinges in what I have no doubt would take her less than five minutes. I open it and she pats the bed beside her. “Come sit down. We’re doing this now.” I hesitantly take a seat beside her, my knee bouncing as I wait for her to speak. “First, and of the upmost importance, you know I call my father ‘daddy.’ So hearing your visitors scream it repeatedly in the middle of the night freaks me out. I wake up thinking I’m in some bad Lifetime movie.” Fighting my smirk I agree. "Okay, got it." "Second," she stands and tucks a pillow between my headboard and the wall, "leave that there." She once again sits down beside me. "School and game nights, booty call curfew is eleven. That work for you?" "Yeah," I sigh and run my hands along my head, wishing I had some hair to pull. "It won't happen again Gidge, I'm sorry." She places a hand on my shoulder with a small smile. "Don't be sorry, this is your house too and we hadn't talked about it. Now we have, so we're all good. Any rules you want to put in place?" "Nah, I'm easy." "Made crystal clear by the parade of women coming in and out of here." She laughs and scoots away quickly, ducking the pillow I grab and swing at her head. “Speaking of which, been busier than usual lately. You trying for Guiness or Gonorrhea?" Here we go - what she really wants to talk about.
Bio Pic
S.E.Hall resides in Arkansas with her husband of 18 years and 3 beautiful daughters. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading.
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All You have to do is go to
tell me that the S.E Hall post sent you and the winner will be picked, you will receive all three books in -ebook format! 

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Escaping Me

Title: Escaping Me (Shaft on Tour Series)

Author: Cat Mason

Genre: Adult Romance

Publication Date: December 20, 2013

Daisy Shayne has a list.  Her life has been planned out on a legal pad that she carries in her purse since she was sixteen years old.  Now her list is nearly complete, she is about to marry her fiancĂ© Landon, start her new job in the fall and be completely settled.  Or is she?  Landon is going on tour with his brother Grayson’s band for the next six months as the assistant to the new manager, Tad and is bringing her with him as an extra pair of hands to help the band.

Daisy is now stuck on a crowded tour bus with six men when her plans start blowing up in her face.  Things are not what they seem and nothing is making sense.  Landon is pushing her away and Grayson is pulling her close.  Daisy feels pulled to Grayson which doesn’t go unnoticed by him.  Amused and unable to control himself around her Gray decides to hit on her the first moment he sees her.   Gray’s new obsession is Daisy, who he deems his own little Widlflower even after he finds out she is to be his sister-in-law.  Whatever it is about her he can’t help himself.  He is desperate just to be near her.

Temptation, betrayal, and lies on top of booze, tattoos, sex, laughs and love.  While making friends and traveling the country Daisy must come to terms with what she wants in life.  All while she learns to deal with the rough and rowdy of taking Shaft on Tour.  It’s going to be a long hard ride.

***This book is not a normal romance.  Things happen fast and with no*** regret.  Rockers and all.  There are M/F scenes of course but there is M/F/M, hints of M/F/F, possibly a little M/M and plenty of vibrator discussion.   


Daisy’s fall

How did this happen to me?  Just months ago I was in a loving, committed relationship with a man who I believed adored me.  Nothing was standing in our way of being married and having the white picket fence, babies and all the happiness I could stand.  Now I sit here on the edge of a bed in a shitty tour bus crying into my hands while a dozen little white sticks lie all over the floor laughing at me proving that I am a total fuck up. 

The diamond on my hand does nothing but make me angry as it glistens, wet with my tears.  I’ve screwed everything up.  I let myself believe for a while that I could have a happy ever after.  I let myself think that I was worthy of something as precious as love.  Instead, I have ruined at least four lives in the ashes of my monumental lapse of rational thinking.


I always think things through.  Daisy Shayne never jumps without looking where she would land.  I had a plan.  I mean literally, I write the shit down and check it off as I complete it.  I was nothing if not meticulous in my calculating of my life this far. 


My parents planned nothing.   I watched them constantly bailing water from the boat, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and getting nowhere in life because of not having a plan.  Well I had a plan damn it!  Now as I look at my list all I want to do is jump from my boat and let myself drown.  It would be so much easier than to face what is coming when those bus doors open and my life comes to an end.  There is no hiding this.  There is no fixing the situation.  It’s going to destroy everyone involved, including myself in the process… 


Wait!  I am getting too far ahead of myself.  You need for me to start from the beginning to get the full picture here.  You need to know everything and then you will understand.

Cat Mason is thirty years old and a mother to three children.  She was born and raised in Granite City, Illinois which is just across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, Missouri.  She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and children.  Previously publishing Contemporary Romance under her real name, Amy Cox until she decided to lose the filter and let it all hang out.  When she isn’t writing, she is reading or spending time with her friends and family.

Author Website: