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Book synopsis:


If something is plausible, it's reasonable or believable. Giving a deceptive impression of truth and reliability at such an early age is certain to cause you to believe what isn’t real.


Aquilla Chavez was raised by a loving father, and a brother who may have loved her a little too much. Aquilla was spoiled, adored, bringing cheer when disaster threatened a family. She was exposed to a life of crime all while, lovingly being sheltered and protected from it.


Will she ever reclaim the one man who she believes to be the love of her life? She didn’t want to be where she was forced to be. She wanted nothing to do with the person she was involuntary turned into. Aquilla had one goal, one goal that would save her from the catastrophic life she was suddenly thrown into.


She had to find him. She had to try, or was this the plausibility of a life she was meant to have? Was the life she was torn form the disastrous life? Could this be where she was meant to be? How would she ever know? What if he found her? What if she never saw him again? What if….She didn’t want to?



Author BIO

Jettie Woodruff is a practicing physician and has been a Civil War buff for decades. No. Not really, she is not a doctor nor is she a Civil War buff. She is however a goof-off and has a hard time being serious for too long.

She does enjoy a challenge when it comes to her writing. She feels as though she needs to pull every emotion possible from her readers. She wants you to be pissed off, questioning your sanity, depressed, happy, and hopefully turn your mind from wanting to cut the villain into tiny little pieces to loving him by the end of the book.

Underestimated was her first dark endeavor. It was a goal alongside of writing a series, a standalone romance, a young adult, which she can’t check that one off. She tried she really did, but her mind just doesn’t work outside the gutter and it quickly became rated X.

Jettie lives on 163 acres in a rural part of Ohio. She loves living in Ohio, except maybe the snow, and the long winters, maybe the hot summers too, Ah, hell, she hates Ohio. She does love the land and the solitude of the country. She just wishes it was in a geographically in a better part of the country.

Jettie has two grown children and one who will be eighteen in a matter of days. YES!!! She has also recently just had her first, cutest ever, most adorable, granddaughter in the whole world. Her oldest daughter just hit her with the news that she will be adding another grandchild to the family in February. Although she is sure she will fall in love with the little creature, she still can’t say the G word.

Jettie enjoys reading as much as she loves writing. She has way too many favorites to list, but one of her all-time favorites from years ago was the Casteel series from V.C. Andrews. One of her new favorites is C.J. Robert’s, Captive series. Reading it gave her that needed push that she required to say the hell with what people think and write Underestimated.

By day Jettie is wearing business attire and managing a mattress store. By night she is in front of a keyboard or her Kindle, wearing, well let’s not go there. Underestimated was her fifth book published. The first one was just shy of a disaster, not that it was a bad book. People liked it. She just knew nothing about it, no revising, no editing, just a spur of the moment…. “Oh, I wrote a book, lets publish it.” Train wreck and a half. Her Star series was one of her favorites and is held dear to her heart. She is now working on an adult romance that should be live around the end of August, early September. She can’t seem to stay focused on it at the moment, due to a much needed Bahamas vacation coming up with Adam Levine’s walking around half naked, buying her drinks.

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I have a king size bed. You don’t have to sleep in the chair,” Aquilla offered, pulling down her covers for the very last time.

“Promise me you’ll keep your hands to yourself?” she teased.

“Yeah, I promise,” she chuckled. “Do you want something more comfortable to sleep in?”

“No, it wouldn’t matter anyway. I haven’t had a shower in two days.”

“Yuck. Go take a shower. I’ll get you some clothes.”

“I’m not about to go in that bathroom and shower while you escape into the night.”

“Where would I escape to, Seri? We’re on a 32 mile island. How far do you think I am going to go?”

“A shower does sound awesome.”

Aquilla got up and opened her drawer. She tossed her a pair of neon green thongs that she and her friends had ordered from Victoria Secret, unbeknownst to her father, of course.

“Really Quill?”

She laughed a little. “I figured that was what you were used to,” she teased, tossing her a pair that would cover her ass. “Do you want pajama pants or a sexy nighty?”

“You’re asking for it, pajama pants, and you’re coming with me.”

“In the shower?”

“In the bathroom.”

Aquilla sat on the toilet, flipping through the photo album while Seri showered.

“Still there?” she called for the fifth time from the running water.

“Shut the hell up. You’re getting on my nerves.”

“As long as your nerves didn’t run away, I’m good with that.”



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