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Blinding Trust (A Mitchell Family Series Bk7)

Blinding Trust- is told by Savanna and Colt.

The book starts where book 6 left off. The family is at Conner and Amy’s oldest daughter’s fifth birthday party.

Once the family arrives home, Colt is visited by someone from his past, (KRISTA’S BROTHER)who has changed his name to Zeke. He is a recovering addict and the lead singer of a popular rock band.  Zeke is only visiting for one reason.
He wants to know the nephew he hasn’t seen in ten years.

Colt and Savanna do not want their son around someone like Zeke. His lifestyle is no good for a curious ten year old. When they put their foot down, Zeke brings in his fancy attorney to persuade them to change their minds.

In the meantime, Savanna struggles with her relationship with Noah. He blames her for not being allowed to hang out with Zeke and a wedge is formed between them, breaking apart the tight bond they’ve always shared.

To make matters worse, while Colt tries to keep the peace between his family, Savanna gets news pertaining to herself that could change everything.
Who she chooses to share that information with is what complicates things even more.
This seventh edition involves family secrets and what can happen when trust is blinded.

A Maryland native who spends most of her time
devising a plan to live off the land on some remote island, where no one will ever find her.
She is a married mother of two kids, who may or may not drive her completely bonkers. In her spare time she enjoys shooting pool, camping and spending time with friends and family.


 I Myself have read many books and everyone has there favorites or authors they no that no matter what they write its going to be amazing. My first book i ever read happen to be by this an amazing Jenn Foor every since i have been hooked, but i will tell you all right not that i'm not just saying this cause i love her work or a big fan, i'm telling you this because her work is all what its suppose to be just plain damn good.
       Blinding Trust is the 7th in the series unlike movies that have seconds or thirds that should never happen this book does not fall under those circumstances. blinding trust is another chapter in Cote And Vans life ( which are my fav). As i started reading i knew right away this book was going to knock my socks off the story line is solid and brings up real life family issues. Each page takes you on a different ride you laugh, cry get angry and fall in love, all what a good book should do. After 7 books you have become part of a family that you want to visit on Sundays spend holidays with and do nothing more then be in there life. You fall in love with everyone in the family, want your kids to be the kinda kids in her stories. Van is faced with a life changing event that has touch everyone just once in life, they way the situation is handle is amazing. its a page turner and when i say page turner i mean you don't stop till the last page and then you realize you want more and start it all over again. Jenn is one of of those authors that if you don't have at least one of her books in your kindle then your book library is missing out big time. Thanks again for a read that is beyond perfect.  


Blinding Trust Chapter 1 & 2

Mitchell Book 7
Chapter 1
I couldn’t believe that it had been five years. None of us expected Conner and Amy to end up with a house full of kids, probably because we remember how he was before Amy came into the picture. When that happened, everything changed.
They’d gone through a lot to be together. Between her still being married and the fact that they hid their relationship, it wasn’t exactly easy for them.
I think once Amy got pregnant with their first child, Cammie, was when they knew that they were going to have to start making decisions.
Our family had been through so much, so the drama with Amy was nothing new to us. It was unfortunate what they all had to go through, but they persevered and came out stronger than ever before.
I was especially sad when they made the choice to move back to North Carolina. I understood that he wanted to be near his sister, so that they could raise the kids together, but I had become so close with Amy that I knew I would miss her terribly.
Lucy and my mother-in-law kept me busy, when I wasn’t running after the kids.
Noah was very athletic. I found myself taking him all around the state of Kentucky. Colt was great about making his games. He even coached him during football season.
The girls usually tagged along. They played so good together and Noah was always a big help.
Due to one of his games, we were even late getting to Cammie’s Birthday party. By the time we got there, the whole family was there, already celebrating. It was great to see everyone together. Actually, it was great to be out of the darn car. You know it’s a long drive when you have three kids that have to pee more than physically possible.
Ty was the first one to greet me, like always. He grabbed me and pulled me into a spinning hug. “There’s my sexy cousin.” He kissed me on my cheek.
Bella was still wearing her uniform from a game she must have had earlier in the day.  She saw Noah and the two of them wandered off together. It was amazing how close they still were. It was also hard to believe that Noah was almost eleven and Bella was ten. Since coming into our life, Noah had been such a blessing. He taught me how to be a mother and, since his mother had died when he was three, I was the only one he had.
Colt loved all of our children, but I think he shared a special bond with Noah. Maybe it was because they were the men of the house. It could have been that Colt still felt guilty for not being there the first three years of his life. It wasn’t his fault. We didn’t even know he had a child.
Through the years it was almost like I forgot that I hadn’t birthed him myself. I love him just as much as my own girls. Our family just wouldn’t have been the same without him in it.
Ty smacked me on the butt and grabbed Christian. “There’s one of my pretty nieces. Uncle Ty missed you!” He kissed her on the cheek, too.
Miranda came out of the house and walked up to me, while Ty met Colt on the other side of the truck, to wait for him to get out Addy, who was almost four and still had to be secured in a booster seat.
“Hey, cuz.” Miranda always smelled of the best shampoo. Since her and Amy’s shop was here at the house, they never really had to leave the kids. Ty’s mother had her own daycare center between Ty’s kids and Conner’s. She seemed to be in heaven when she was with them.
After our hug, I pulled away to look at how beautiful she was. “What is your secret? You look ravishing. Your hair is so shiny.”
She played with her hair. “If I told you, you may throw up.”
“Seriously? It can’t be that bad.”
Ty walked past quickly, spatting out one word. “Cum!”
I almost threw up in my mouth. Miranda started laugh as she followed her husband. “Told ya. It’s full of proteins. You should try it.”
Still trying to not throw up, I shook my head. “No thanks!”
Colt cocked his eyebrow, while carrying Addy. “Sick! That’s what they are.”
“Yeah, but there are family and we have to love them, right?”
“Sometimes, darlin’, that’s debatable.”
I loved my mature husband. Ty and Conner still acted like teenagers. Miranda and Amy seemed to like it. After a while, it got on my nerves. Colt and I were settled and content. We didn’t need to act like them to be happy.
Our family was huge. Growing up, mine was so small. Even when I married Colt, his family wasn’t that large. It was now. All of our children had made it triple in size.
I heard screaming and went running toward the sound. A mother knows her own child’s screams. Colt and Miranda had just got into the house, which was full of people being loud. I knew he couldn’t hear what I was hearing.
Jake had Christian by the ponytail and was swinging her around. He saw me and dropped the bunch of hair. “Hi, Aunt Van.” Just like his father, when he did something wrong, he’d look so innocent.
“Jake, why were you pulling your cousin’s hair. You know that’s not nice!”
“She said that my breath smells like skunk.”
I wanted to giggle. Christian had been on this kick where she told everyone how she felt. Sometimes her truthful confessions were downright offensive. “Well, that doesn’t mean you should pull her hair. How about telling an adult next time.”
He shrugged and went to pull away, but his father grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him back. “Not so fast! Did you brush your teeth, like I told you to?”
Ty looked at me and then bent down. “Let me smell your breath.”
The things we do for our children. I watched Ty make a face like he was going to throw up.
“Your breath smells like the dog took a crap in it. Boy, how many times did I tell you to brush your teeth?”
He shrugged again and wouldn’t look up into his father’s eyes.
Ty looked over at me. I had nothing to say, since he was already embarrassing Jake. “Go tell your mother what you didn’t do. I’m sure she will have a good idea what to do with you.”
I laughed with Ty as we watched one of his sons pout his way into the house. “That poor kid. You probably didn’t brush your teeth when you were his age either.”
He put his arm around me as we walked into the house. “Even as kids you have to admit that my breath was always fresh enough for you to want to kiss me, Van.”
I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to the house full of family. Miranda was walking around the living room, talking to her mother, with her hand in Addy’s. We talked or text messaged just about every day and she was just crazy about my girls. I missed seeing all of them, but we all had lives. We still got together often; it was just never often enough.
Cammie was wearing an outfit that was both cute and an eyesore. I was positive that she must have picked it out herself. Josh was playing on the floor with his cousin Jax. They had a Lego tower over two feet high. I followed the southern accents to the kitchen, where Colt and Conner were already talking about work.
Colt smiled when he saw me walk into the room. We didn’t get a lot of alone time with the kids always running around. Usually, the girls would end up in bed with us. There had even been several times where we ended up having our alone time in one of their twin beds. For my tall husband, it wasn’t the most comfortable of situations.
One thing I never had to worry about was my husband straying. Since he worked at our family’s ranch, he never even went anywhere except on our property. When we went into town, we were always together, with our children in tow.
Even through the years, Colt was still as handsome as ever. Some of his whiskers had a couple grays, but I kept quiet about it. Ty already gave him enough grief about being over thirty, even though we were all hitting that pivotal mark.
It didn’t matter to me if Colt’s whole head turned gray. He would always be the hottest man that I would ever know. He knew it too. When we were alone and I gave him that look, like nobody else in the world existed, he knew what it meant. I was still madly in love with my husband. He was an excellent father and a great partner.
Through the years Colt had built a beautiful life for us. Our house was perfectly designed for a family, even though we hadn’t even come into Colt’s life yet when he built it. Even through out minor struggles, our love always saw us through. The longer we were married, the more I believed that we could get through anything.
With his arms wrapped around me from behind, he kissed the side of my cheek. “What was wrong with Christian? That was her screaming, right?”
I turned to look at him. “You didn’t run when you heard it?”
“I did, but I saw that you and Ty had it under control. Once I knew who the culprit was, I went back inside. You know how Ty’s sons are.”
“Actually, it was Christian who started it. She told him he had terrible breath.”
Colt made a face, like he wasn’t surprised. “That kid is goin’ to get herself into trouble, if she keeps this up.”
“I told her!” We’d both told her. She just had to tell people the truth, all of the time.
“Maybe you should just teach her to lie,” Conner teased.
I reached over and pushed him. “Don’t even joke about that!”
“You guys joking about shit without me in here?” Ty walked into the kitchen, followed by Amy. Her belly was so cute. I caught Conner giving her a look, like they were the only ones in the room.
I poked him in the arm. “I saw that! Now I know why she’s always pregnant.”
The room filled with laughter.
“She’s just jealous cause she never gets any.” Ty made Conner and Amy laugh, but I could tell the look on Colt’s face without even looking at him. He didn’t like the fact that I talked about our sex life to Miranda and Ty when he was listening in on our conversations. It wasn’t like I directly called him to complain.
“Shut up! Colt and I are perfectly happy.” I was afraid to look at my husband, so I backed my body up into his. Thankfully, I felt his large hands reaching around my waist again.
“I happen to like waking up to a bed full of family.” I think Colt realized how that came out the second he’d said it. But, it was already too late.
Ty was on him like a fly on shit. “Dude, that’s just wrong! I’m out of here!”
Conner covered his face and laughed, while Colt got mad and walked into the living room.
Amy was putting candles in her daughter’s princess cake. She was shaking her head and laughing as well. “He does it to himself, you know. Ty and Conner just wait for him to say the wrong thing and they pounce every time.”
“I know. You’d think after all these years, he’d learn.” I grabbed the matches and started lighting the candles. “Sorry we were late getting here.”
“It’s no biggie. You’re here now and that’s all that matters.”
I followed behind Amy, who was carrying the cake, while attempting to sing ‘Happy Birthday’, so that everyone else would join in. Finally, the chaos that filled the house, turned to full attention to the birthday girl. Her face lit up when she saw her cake. She ran over toward the dining room table and sat down in front of the lit up masterpiece.
All of the kids filled in the chairs around the table and got excited that they would all soon be eating cake and ice cream. Our family loved sweets. Jake and Jax had the cavities to prove it.
Noah and Bella came walking inside together, halfway through the song. They were too caught up in each other to care what was going on with their younger cousins. I didn’t mind, since they didn’t see each other very much. Well, not counting talking on their matching Ipads, that my mother in law had to buy them for Christmas.
The kids were spoiled, all of them. Colt’s mother had nothing else to do with her time. Aside from taking trips with my parents and her own sister, she spent her free time taking the kids different places. She even treated the whole family to two trips to Disney. It was what she lived for, so we didn’t get on her about it.
Even with being spoiled, mine and Colt’s children knew their place when it came to being home. They knew they couldn’t get away with things like at Grandma’s house.
We stood around, getting each child situated with plates of pure sugar. I think only the females realized what was going to happen in thirty minutes. The boys were going to be bouncing off the walls.
When I was growing up, one Ty was hyper enough. Now there were two of them running around. One drop of sugar and they could bring down a house. God, they were so ornery.
Once the kids had finished eating, I helped Amy and Miranda clean up the mess. Ty’s mom took Addy and put her down for a nap, which was nice of her. Through the years we’d built a new kind of relationship. I’d learned to love her and appreciate what she’d always done to protect her child. There wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for mine. It sort of puts things into perspective when you have one of your own.
Speaking of parents, mine moved to Kentucky last year after my father retired. I thought they would be more sad about leaving their life here in North Carolina. Instead, they were thrilled to move close to us. When I say moved, I mean they moved onto the ranch.
Colt’s mother offered for them to move into her huge house, but they insisted on not being a burden. They paid for a nice modular to be built near Karen’s old house. Karen had also offered her house, but my parents wanted Miranda and Conner to always have a place to come with all of their kids.
It worked out great. My mother still worked everyday. She got a job working at one of our produce stands. Actually, she sort of fell into managing it. She loved the job and it gave her the opportunity to meet people from town. They also started attending our church, which gave them even more new friends. I swear they socialized more nowadays then ever before.
Since we were staying at Ty and Miranda’s, we got the kids gathered up and headed over. It was just across the Mitchell property, but far enough where you had to drive.
Ty came over to the vehicle and helped Colt carry in our of our bags. He smacked me on the butt when he walked past me.
“Is it necessary to touch my wife every time you’re near her?” Colt seemed offended, which was weird to me. He’d hadn’t been like that in years.
“Dude, it ain’t like that. I’m just messing around. She likes it.”
I walked in the house and left the two of them to their conversation. They were too old to start rolling around in the dirt, like they used to. Besides, they had no reason to fight. We were all completely happy.
 So I thought.
 For the rest of our visit, Colt seemed on edge. I had no idea why and I didn’t want to stir the pot by asking. I figured that when we got home, we could discuss it in private. Except when we got home, all Hell broke loose.

Chapter 2
I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want her to worry when it could have just been nothing. Savanna considered Noah hers. It wasn’t a secret to anyone that Krista was his birth mother. We just didn’t talk about it anymore.
 It wasn’t until I got the phone call, a week before we went to North Carolina, that things started to worry me.
When Krista and me were a couple, her little brother came to live with us. Their dad was too drunk to even care. He wasn’t a bad kid. In fact, as soon as he got the chance, he got out of Kentucky to pursue his dream of being a rockstar.
Apparently, big things had happened for him and suddenly his band, which I didn’t know he was a member of, had made it big. Since I didn’t follow that kind of music, I had no idea who his band was. I certainly didn’t recognize his name when he left the message with Savanna. All she could tell me was that someone name Zeke Marlo had called and said it was urgent.
 Even after I dialed the out of area number, I still didn’t recognize the voice of the person that picked up. He had to actually explain who he was. We talked for a while, catching up and talking about how he’d been for the past ten years. The topic of his sister dying was short. I could tell it was a sore subject.
Zeke, which is what he legally changed his name to, told me that they were coming to Kentucky for a big charity concert. He asked if I would come out and visit with him while he was there. I didn’t see any harm in it, until he asked if I could bring Noah.
Now, for some reason, that bothered me.
Noah had never met Zeke. I didn’t even own a picture of him except from when he was a kid. So, I did what every curious parent would do. I went on the internet and checked him out.
He hadn’t been lying. Zeke was a big star. His band, Dodging Bullets, had even had a platinum song called “Gutter Love”. I was proud of him for his accomplishments. He’d come from nothing and made a life for himself.
Here was the problem.
After reading about his success, I discovered that his road to fame hadn’t been as harmonic. He got into drugs so bad that he was hospitalized and been to rehab three times in the past five years. His first wife left him and the second one was also an ex-addict.
I wasn’t a fool. Living in that kind of life had to be hard. I just didn’t think I was ready to school my son about it. I also didn’t want him idolizing his uncle. I wanted more for my son and he already had a vivid imagination. Thinking that he could be a rockstar too, would have been right up his ally.
I think Savanna sensed right away that I was keeping something from her. I became on edge and it showed even more when I got around my cousin Ty. His constant flirting with my wife had always just been in fun. He loved to tease her. I shouldn’t have gotten offended about it. Except I did.
I felt like jacking his ass up in front of the whole family.
I pretty much avoided him the whole time we were visiting and by the time we left, Savanna was even giving me the cold shoulder. I knew once we got home, she was going to give me hell.
I wish that was all that happened.
I could handle my wife and I knew just how to make things better. She was the love of my life and without her I was nothing. We never fought about things and we also made it a point to not keep things from one another.
I know that’s why she was more than pissed when we got home and had an unexpected visitor, waiting at our door.
I wouldn’t have even recognized him, had it not been for my internet snooping. Zeke had dyed his blonde hair black. He was covered in tattoos, even on his fingers. Some kind of ring was through the center cartilage in his nose and both of his ears were pierced. His leather pants and shirt that looked like it was made from flecks of metal, were also a dead giveaway that he wasn’t just a neighbor, looking for help.
Savanna climbed out of the vehicle, but didn’t get the kids out. She looked up at our porch and then over to me.
I scratched my head to think of what I could say to her, but nothing came. I should have told her.
Zeke walked down a couple steps as I approached him. I heard Savanna telling Noah and Christian that they had to stay in the car. I reached out my hand and reluctantly shook his. “Good to see you.”
“You too, Colt. It’s been too long, man.” I would have been okay if I never saw him again. It wasn’t because I was being an asshole. I was trying to be a good father. I wanted to protect my son. Uncle or not, this guy was trouble. I just knew it.
“We’re just gettin’ back from North Carolina. If I would have known you were comin’, I would have been able to tell you that.”
He shrugged, while still smiling. “No biggie, man. I just wanted to stop by. My wife wanted to see where I’d spent some of the good parts of my childhood, that’s all.  I knew you might not be home. Honestly, I didn’t want to bother you.”
That would have been terrible if he’d showed up when Savanna was home alone. She would have freaked out. I looked around the yard and didn’t see a car. “Where’d you park?”
He pointed toward the back of the house. “I had my driver pull out back. It’s easier for him to turn the limo around back there.”
Limo? Now I knew I had to explain to my family who this guy was.
I looked over at Savanna and took a deep breath, knowing she was going to be so pissed off at me. “Darlin’, come here. There’s someone that I’d like you to meet.”
She smiled one of her unsure smiles and came walking toward me. Honestly, I think he scared her. She put her hand into mine, before I could introduce them. “This is Zeke. He’s Krista’s brother.”
I watched the color leave my wife’s face. She tried to swallow the lump in her throat, but as words never came, I knew she couldn’t. I squeezed her hand, still waiting for her to say something.
Zeke reached out his hand for her. It took her a second to finally reach out and shake it. “So, is your name Darlin, or should I call you something else?”
We both smiled at his way of breaking the ice. I didn’t know if he sensed her animosity, and I didn’t care, as long as she didn’t pass out or start ripping his eyes out of his head. I’d imagine though, that his eyes were worth a pretty penny to some crazed fans. My wife wasn’t one of those people.
“Nice to meet you. I had no idea that you were in town.” She turned to give me that look where I better not have known or she was going to go off on me later.
I could hear the kids starting to whine.
“If you’ll excuse me, I better get them out.” I watched Savanna go over and start to unbuckle Addy. In a matter of seconds, I saw Christian running from the other side of the vehicle, followed by her brother. A terrible feeling shot directly through my stomach when I realized that I’d have to tell him who this guy was. There was no way out of it.
He ran past us, taking two steps at once. When he got to the door, he tried to pull it open. “Dad, can you unlock it? I have to pee.”
Zeke just stared at my boy. Now, I know when he was a baby it was probably difficult to tell, but Noah looked identical to me.
I walked up to unlock the door and hesitantly turned around. “Did you want to come in?”
Zeke looked around at the girls and then back to me. “I’ll come back before I leave town. You guys are just getting back and I don’t want to just barge in.”
I shook his hand. “Next time, just call first.”
I watched him walk toward the back of the house and before the girls were on the porch, a large black limo drove down the dirt lane.
Savanna looked right at me as she walked up the porch steps. “If you knew about this, so help me God, Colt.”
“Darlin’, I can explain.”
She carried Addy over to the couch and turned on Disney for her and Christian, before walking into the kitchen, folding her arms, and waiting for my explanation.
Noah came running in the room. “Dad, who was that guy? Did you see his car? He must be rich!”
Noah didn’t understand enough about money to realize that our family had money. I knew what he meant. He meant that the man was famous rich. “Yeah, he must be, buddy. Can you go into the livin’  room and keep an eye on your sister’s for a second?”
He rolled his eyes and stomped into the living room. “Why do I always have to watch them?”
“Boy, don’t you get smart.”
After I knew he wasn’t around, I turned my attention to my angry wife. “Colt, tell me you didn’t know he was coming.”
“I didn’t. I mean, I knew he was in town, but we never talked about him stopping by.”
Her eyes got big and if she could have, she would have been breathing fire. “What do you mean, you knew? How long have you known? Is he the person who called you? How could you not tell me something like that?”
I grabbed both of her arms and pulled her close to me. “I didn’t say anything because I thought he would leave town and forget all about seeing Noah.”
She pushed me away. “WHAT? Did you tell him he could?”
I held my arms up, trying to get her to calm down. “I didn’t exactly tell him yes. You’re makin’ it sound way worse than it is, darlin’.”
She turned around and started loading the dishwasher. “Don’t you even call me darlin right now!” I could hear it in her voice that she was crying.
“Savanna, Noah knows that you’re his mother. We haven’t kept Krista a secret though. I don’t see how this could change anything. Just calm down and be rational. Noah’s home is here. He’s happy. Just because his rockstar uncle wants to meet him, doesn’t mean anything is goin’ to change.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed the inside of her neck. “I’d never let anything happen to our family.”
She finally turned around and let me hug her the right way. “I know. I just don’t want to lose him, Colt. I love him so much.”
“You’re never goin’ to lose him. Never!”
My wife had finally calmed down, but that was just the beginning of what was to come. Zeke was going to keep trying to see Noah and I knew that the actual visit was going to kill Savanna.
I got it. I understood that she didn’t want her little boy tainted. We’d always let Noah know that his mother loved him. Having an uncle that was still living, and a rockstar, well that was going to excite him. The tractors that he collected could soon be stashed away in a closet and replaced with band posters and guitars. It was something that even I wasn’t prepared to handle.
That night, before the girls woke and ended up sleeping between us, I cuddled up next to my wife. She was playing some game on her kindle that she played every night before bed. “The kids are all asleep in their rooms, for a change.”
“I know. I helped put them there.” She giggled.
“Are you goin’ to put down that game and give me some lovin’, or do I have take what I want while you’re still playin’?”
She cocked her eyebrow. “The second choice sounds kind of hot.”
I grabbed the waist to her pajama pants and yanked them down past her hips. She lifted up her ass to help get them down easier. I pushed up her little top to reveal her belly button and placed tender kisses all around it. She bit down on her lip like she always did. Her panties came down next, well, after I licked them until they were wet on the outside. With each stroke of my tongue, I felt her body pushing into me. I wasn’t the only person who was horny in our bed. That made it even hotter.
 Once she wasn’t wearing any bottoms, I took it upon myself to slowly take her top and push it over her breasts. I need to see them; to feel them with the palms of my hands. I knew when I got to her nipples, because they hardened with the my first touch. I heard her little reading device hit the floor and knew I had her complete attention.
Savanna ran her hands through my hair, gripping it as I pinched both of her nipples and kissed the inside of her left leg. She lifted it, allowing me to kiss even further inside. Her body reacted to my touch the same way it always had. I could still tickle her with my kisses and drive her crazy with my touch.
It was more than just being with Savanna, nowadays. Since the kids were always around, we had to be more spontaneous.
Before getting myself too invested, I climbed off the bed and headed over to lock the door. We didn’t want any little visitors catching us naked together.
Savanna, who was now totally naked, was sprawled out on our bed waiting for me to return. I licked my lips, just knowing how much pent up desire I had for her. I hated that we never had alone time and I know it drove her crazy as well.
Once I climbed back on the bed on top of her, she grabbed me by my arms and pulled me into her, so that our kisses started immediately.
Her skin smelled of a fresh shower and her hair was still wet at the ends. I grabbed a handful and pulled back enough to have a full view of her neck. It didn’t take me long to lick and kiss it from the base up. She moaned with my every touch, making my erection hard as a rock. I pressed it against her, letting her know that we didn’t need foreplay; not that we ever did. All she ever had to do was bend over, and if it had been a long time, sometimes just smiling at me did it.
Savanna reached down, taking my shaft into her warm hands. She stroked it as our tongues mingled together. Her breathing became heavy and when I reached down between her legs again, all I could feel was how ready she was for me. Wasting no time at all, I drove myself inside of her, making sure to kiss her during my first thrust. She squealed, taking my whole size, like she’d practiced for all these years.
I licked one of her nipples, getting more aroused by the way it felt sliding against my tongue. I could tell she liked it. She licked her own lips and watched me, while my rock hard cock found it’s pace.
The slower I moved, the faster my release came. We never had time to waste and it was a good thing I was so close, because little knocks started coming from our door. “Mommy! Daddy! I can’t get in,” Christian cried.
I knew at any moment Savanna was going to lose her concentration, so I did what every good husband would do. I took two fingers and started rubbing at her little clit until I sent her bucking into me. With my other hand over her mouth, to prevent her screams of passion to by heard by our daughter, I let go and filled my wife with a weeks worth of sexual tension.
I wished that we’d had time to lay there and catch our breath, but since one child was knocking and yelling, another started screaming from her room. Savanna sighed as she jumped up and started getting dressed. I felt my pajama pants hitting me in the head as she made her way to the door and waited for me to slip them on. This was what our sex life had come to.

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